Talos on ROCK64
(06-03-2021, 08:58 PM)TRS-80 Wrote: Have you double checked your OS media and power?

Thanks for the links, TRS-80. I have 5 identical boards all supplied by PoE splitters from the pine64 store. They're connected via short CAT5e cables to a switch that claims it's delivering 17W out of 150W that it's capable of. So I think I'm good on the power supply.

The ROCK64 is powering a small USB hard drive also. I tried unplugging that and repeating the boot, and I got the same results.

I've tried flashing the SD cards twice: Once from a Mac using dd, and once from Windows using rufus. Still, I just tried again using balena etcher, and I get the same result.

Do you think I've been thorough enough checking the power and media?

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