Shipping Update and Stock Availability Thread
(07-19-2021, 05:07 AM)Luke Wrote: it is more convenient for us to ship many phones at one time, due to Hong Kong - mainland China restrictions, so we're waiting until enough units sell. Sales have recently increased by ~25%, so I suspect it won't be long. 

Is this specific to pinephones, or applies to any orders processed from Hong Kong (for any product)?

Also, I have seen (from random comments on Reddit) that there are orders being sent *from* USA if the comments are to be believed, is that correct? I suspect this handles (North?) America orders if true.

Thanks for your transparency!
EDIT July 22: For future readers, I just received a shipping confirmation from Pine Store, and UPS says it has the package since July 21. This means my order passed in the weekly processing in the "Shipping Status Updates - Other" section even though it seems the current week is not yet displayed on the website. I will have to pay an extra 16.66 CAD for import and custom brokerage fees. Also, my package (PineTime) leaves from Hong Kong, no US outpost apparently.

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