Shipping Update and Stock Availability Thread
(06-01-2021, 02:47 PM)Luke Wrote: Stock count, estimated availability dates and shipping status of our most popular devices can now be checked on our website.
The website updates every 2-3 days. Stock quantities are approximations and availability dates are estimates.

Use this thread for questions regarding availability of other products, queries concerning shipping and other relevant topics.

I ordered a Pinephone on 5/25/21 and according to 4px it was returned to sender by the USPS on 6/10. While the 4px tracking number is useful I'd like to have an USPS tracking number so I can find out what happened. Unless of course someone on Pinephone's side can tell me why I have not received the package.

I can submit the tracking number or personal information upon request. Thank you for any help.

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