Shipping Update and Stock Availability Thread
(03-02-2022, 12:30 PM)LPIZ Wrote: Any update when the PPP will be shipping? I placed an order this past weekend and I am curious is these will be shipped out in early March as per your shipping web page.

My experience is that if they give a timeframe, the PINE64 team so a good job of keeping it pretty close in terms of dates. Within about a week, the March blog will probably be published and if there are issues with delays they tend to be very straightforward about them. I know the team is trying to get as many PPPs in people's hands as they can, probably prioritizing it over most things. There are still plenty of supply chain issues but the most ornery of them still seems to be LED screens like for the pinetab and I think the pinebooks, though there are likely a number of other less prominent components that could affect this. I received my PPP within a few weeks of ordering it, probably a day or two after they opened non-dev orders, so they are really working on supply as long as they can get it without huge price increases or quality issues.

Good luck. It's a great piece of hardware but I'm still trying to work out what best to run on it. It's still early in the dev cycle, so lots of quirks.
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