Hardware video acceleration in Chromium on Manjaro
Earlier today, when i was bored, I turned on "Hardware-accelerated video decode" and "GPU rasterization" in Chromium browser ( chrome://flags ). To my surprise, it actually worked well, bringing CPU load to 80% when playing plain H.264, compared to 160% before.

I am currently Manjaro 21.05 with GNOME 40 on my Pinebook Pro.

I wonder if it works "just for me", so you guys might give it a try.
The relative change in performance seems quite good, on the other hand 80% of a single core to play a video does not really sound like fully working acceleration.

Did you check which of these two options caused the improvement? What test or website did you use?
Is it really hardware accelerated?

Open the devtools with F12 and open the `media` tab. (it's in the hamburger menu under "More Tools" if you've never opened it before)
It will tell you if it's hardware accel'd. For me it shows FFmpegVideoDecoder, which is software. I think MojoVideoDecoder would be hardware.
(05-31-2021, 07:14 AM)maxjrh Wrote: Is it really hardware accelerated?

I'm a little embarrassed, but you are right. I am seeing "FFmpegVideoDecoder" as well. Turning HW acceleration off and on running with different test videos and formats actually show no effect in CPU usage.
What I observed with my first test was a mere coincidence and I got all exited over it and posted prematurely ;-)
And also Chromium would happily lie about HW Video acceleration in chrome://gpu

"Boosted" my PBP with a load of Placebo.

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