Pinephone ”reboot” or logging out by itself
I have a problem that  i think is software related  and not hardware related becuse  i dident notice this problem when i run Ubuntu touch.
Okej im going to try to explane, about 30-40% of the time when i lock the screen or when it lock itself when om going to wake it up again (pushing the home button) then its like the phone is dead but its starts direkt with the green led light and im back to enter the encryption key again and i when i have entered the encryption key the screen turns al black again and after 3-4 minuts i have to push the home button again and then its back to the lock screen where i just enter my pinkode(not the encryption key) and im in my phone again. And it seems like it reboot itself but it does not comes up Any  mobian logo or anything else like it usually do when i turn my phone on after i turn it off. And like i Said this happens pretty often so it little anoying to check something and try to open the lock screen and i have to wait for the phone to ”reboot” . This Does not  happenings everytime normaly i just wake it up and comes tho the lockscreen like a normal phone.Anyone else who has this issue? I run mobian Posh with full disk encryption and its the uppdatera version 3.38.5
Im sorry for bad english but i couldnt find anyting about this problem when i Google search. Om verry greatefull for answers thank u so much for this forum.

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