TV Screen Edge woes: 2 Fixes
(06-19-2016, 08:27 AM)NexusDude Wrote: .   The edges of the Pine64's screen aren't showing on your TV. It's as if you are zoomed in. Angry

    Let's fix that, shall we?

    Method 1: Settings of your TV  Smile
    You can adjust the settings of your TV. You may have already tried that. Can it be done on
    your TV, you wonder? In most cases, yes, it can.

    Which menu and sub-menu?
    There's no standard method of organizing the settings of TVs. Many TV settings menus
    appear to have been designed by confused rabbits running late. Poke around, and definitely
    try these menus and sub-menus:
  • Picture
  • Video
  • Advanced Video
  • Screen
  • Screen Adjustment
  • Picture Size
  • or who knows, just try exploring...
    What is the item called?
    Look for any of these.
  • Overscan
  • Scan
  • Screen Fit
  • Screen Fill
  • Format
  • Title Safe / Safe Title
  • Action Safe / Safe Action
  • TV safe
  • Aspect Ratio*
  • Resolution*
  • Size*
  • Wide / Width*
  • High / Height*
   *Some RPi users report using these items to correct this issue on their TVs. It may be 
    necessary with your TV, but I'd avoid it if I could.

    What is the correct setting?
    The correct option could be:
  • Just scan
  • Dot by Dot
  • Fit
  • Off / uncheck (for Overscan)
  • 1x1 pixel ratio
  • Full
  • Auto / Auto Config
  • On / check
  • 4:3 (or even 16:9) *
  • 1080p / 1080i *
  • or other options (experiment)
    Put in a little time and effort. Check all the sub-menus. Even if you can't find it right
    away, it's probably there, somewhere. Look again.

    Succeed with method 1, and the issue is fixed for that TV, even if you later use a different
    OS image. Plus, it fixes this for Android, RemixOS and Linux. But will it affect your other
    uses of the TV, like, say watching? It might.

    Method 2: Settings of Android -- Screen Scrap Edge
    Here's another option that works only for Android using HDMI. Both DD images and rooted
    DD images can use this method. RemixOS cannot.

    Go to Settings / Display / Screen scrap edge. Set width and height to ~96%.

    With Screen Scrap Edge, you must apply this fix every time you change the Android image.
    That is, if you upgrade to a new Android image, then you have to do this over again. But it
    wasn't that hard, was it?

    Don't use both methods, unless you want a black frame of unused space.

    I hope this helps.   Smile  Don't forget to give this a thumbs up, if it helps you, and definitely 
    add your own TV settings experience below.

The latest version of ReMix also allows resizing for HDMI outputs.  Try 96 or 97% for either Android or ReMix.  Ethernet is still dead.

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