Java on Manjaro ARM Pinebook Pro
Hello all!
I just got my PineBook Pro in the mail and have been getting used to Manjaro (I have been a regular user of Ubuntu/Debian before). I want to install Java so I can code and work in Java projects using the PBP, however the arm architecture has allegedly been causing me some issues. I installed YAY and did yay -S jdk and then chose jre11, but I get the following warning: the following packages are not compatible with your architechture: jre11. Should I try to build them anyway? Any help is welcome, I figured I would ask others who have succeeded in installing java, with its necessary jdk and jre, on your PBPs.
  • Should I be trying to install JRE11?
  • What jdk should I get?
  • Any other things that will be necessary to get java development up and running on my PBP?
Any help is welcome, thank you very much for your time.

Cheers from Portugal!

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Java on Manjaro ARM Pinebook Pro - by gulagpyromaniac - 05-25-2021, 10:29 AM

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