Telegran connection problems
Hi all
I have Mobian installed on a pinephone 64 and most things work fine for me as I don't really ask a phone to do that much.  I have Telegram up and running but have the following problem.

I can connect to Telegram via wifi (modem/router) at home where I have no mobile connection without an issue.  When I get into mobile range the connection will initially be fine and then without doing anything to the phone (I don't turn it off or even make a call) it will lost connectivity.  It will get into an endless cycle of trying to reconnect and no amount of restarting or whatever will help.  It is important to say that it will be initially be connected to the mobile network and works fine but then drops out.  If I leave it, not connected and trying to reconnect, and then drivehome and losing mobile coverage the phone automatically connects to the modem which it always does and then Telegram is fine again.

I've searched the forums in debian but I can't find anything addressing this issue.  Does anybody have similar experiences or a fix/suggestion for this?

Thanks for any help.

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