pinephone drops cellular network
I'm also having this issue on Mobian.

Having to enter your PIN code 10 times/day and missing calls.
It was only seldom at first but it is now a major annoyance.

Unsure what the cause would be.
This was the ugliest thing in my experience with Pinephone. I tried various oses, switched modem firmware multiple times, but the issue is still there -- modem just randomly disappears. I noticed several things (these are just subjective observations, they may or may not be true):
1) most of the time this happens when the phone is charging and it happens nearly every time
2) when the phone is just left idle, modem will most probably resume properly, and incoming calls seem to work fine
3) when I am actively using the phone it can sometimes lose the modem abruptly.

Currently my phone is out of order(the screen issue, finally stopped working about a week ago) and I am considering the repair, but I want to make sure that the phone will work properly beforehand.

As far as I know there has been a huge update on ModemManager just a few days ago with lots of fixes regarding this.

So, the question is -- Can anyone using ModemManager 1.18+ confirm if they encounter the problem or if the update has fixed the issue?
I keep my phone up to date. I didn't notice a modemmanager packet in recent updates on Mobian.
I haven't had this issue today tho while my phone was mostly idle or charging directly to the wall.
Might it be linked to the USB connection to the PC?
On a side note the Pinephone USB connection is sometimes screwing my Debian PC Networking (losing SSH connections to other hosts).
Possibly other causes ?

A few times, recently, when I had 'no service' I discovered it was my carrier, one time for about 10 hours.!

I have an old message phone with service, that I use to help me with testing my Pine phone.

The message phone showed 'no service' at the same times that my Pine phone had no 'service'.

Just askin....
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your favorite OS Team
(09-14-2021, 02:04 PM)bcnaz Wrote: ...

My phone is almost stock Mobian and still had the issue.
(09-14-2021, 02:05 PM)goku499 Wrote:
(09-14-2021, 02:04 PM)bcnaz Wrote: ...

My phone is almost stock Mobian and still had the issue.

> Not certain what you mean by "Stock Mobian"  ?
   The back cover says "Mobian" ?  ( that would still leave standard or convergent models.)

There has not been any main-board revisions since the first batch of Manjaro phones.
 The Mobian Edition came next, then they went back to Manjaro.
    ( if you do have a Mobian edition phone, Then it Does have the latest main-board revision )

BUT IF  this is a hardware issue,  then it does not matter what operating system you are using.

> Back on my Brave Heart phone,  there was a time I suspected that the phone had a modem problem, but unless it "Healed Itself"
  I was mistaken, because it worked pretty well after the software progressed a little bit.

My Brave Heart is on vacation for now,  as I have a new convergent main-board sitting next to it, 
  and I have since purchased, 3 PMOS and 1 Manjaro convergent phones.

Since that time in early 2020, I have not experienced any  "Modem appears not to be functioning"  type of problems"....

>>  Recently some forum members have had problems where their modems would not wake up after entering deep sleep,
     But I think that was just a hic-up in the software as it progresses.

**  I think the Front running "Best 3 operating systems" appear to have got past that point.

Flashing the 'firmware' is not normally in an operating system update.
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your favorite OS Team
(09-14-2021, 03:11 PM)bcnaz Wrote: ...

I meant the OS I use is stock Mobian. Hardware is v1.2a (PMOS edition).
My daily driver is a PMOS Convergent edition, with only a few add-on's, such as Modem Manager GUI (for clearing out MMS messages)
and Gnome Package updater.
* Bookworm sept 09 nightly plus updates, running from an sd card.
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