Another sudden Pinecil death
I received a pinecil from the latest batch today - sadly it only worked 2 times - once plugged into 20v via DC jack. The other time in a QC3 usb-c socket with a negotiated voltage of 15v.

During heating of a D24 TS-100 tip 8.Ohm@15V via usb-c the OLED screen froze and the buttons became unresponsive. After unplugging and reconnecting the pinecil the screen stayed off. The DFU mode also does not trigger. The pinecil does not show up as a USB device.

Further investigation resulted in the following: the pinecil when supplied with power via USB-c will consume about 120mA. A visual inspection of the pinecils board does not show any obvious damage or soldering faults.  The DC-DC converter (U8) on the board gets hot. The 3v3 regulator (U5) also gets hot. The 5v rail voltage is at ~4.0v. The 3.3v rail appears to be shorted to ground.

A cracked smd cap would explain this short very handily and this matches the accounts of a couple of other posts i saw in here. I already made a ticket in the pine64 system.

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