Anyone using a hardware token?
Thanks for letting me know!

And I am definitely enjoying the Pinephone.

The Mobian userland is close enough to Armbian on the Pinebook Pro that I can run plenty of bash scripts from the PBP on the phone without modifications.

My Jupyter notebooks from the Pinebook just run on the Pinephone. Bliss.
(04-29-2021, 02:46 PM)p121458 Wrote: (snip) I know that NFC is not possible,(snip)
I am waiting for my i2c NFC module to arrive by post, then it is some lego level soldering and 3d printing.  This is not a regular phone it is a pinephone, the pogo ports mean nearly anything is possible.  Over at the wiki for debain mobile the software support for NFC is already on the wishlist.

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