Performance improvements, discussion
Let me intruduce idea how performance can be increased on the PinePhone.

I know about
This GitHub contain patches for increase compatibility with games, nvidia drivers, kernel performance and more.
Linux-tkg can use more schedulers (BMQ, MUQSS, PDS, UNDEAD-PDS), but mainline linux have only CFS.

Next useful project is Xanmod
It's something similar like Linux-tkg, but it use different patches.

So i think if we cherry pick right patches from both projects, performance on the PinePhone can be better without affecting battery life or temperature.
In my opinion, following patches is useful for the PinePhone:
1. More schdeulers - people can try, what scheduler bring top performance.
2. Tickless kernel
3. CK's high-resolution kernel timers (hrtimer)
4. Full multi-core block layer runqueue

What do you think guys? Should i write to or do you have more or better idea?
Could you, please, explain what are the actual performance issues you're experiencing on your PinePhone?  That might be a better approach toward finding a possible solution.  As a general note, we should keep in mind that the A64 SoC is not a speed demon at all, so the expecatations should be realistic.

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