RP64 Won't Boot After Power Down
(04-25-2021, 04:56 PM)ColPanic_ Wrote: Hi all,

I've been seeing this issue ever since I got my RP64, where the board sometimes just decides not to boot anymore after being powered down. I've always gotten it to recover eventually, but I really don't know how. The only consistent factors seem to be replugging the SD card and time. Maybe someone can help me out? I promise if I get this working, I'll post my project on here, with scripts and schematics Wink

- No red or white LED
- Green power LED is on, amber ethernet LED is blinking at a constant rate
- UART output only shows 

Quote:DDR Version 1.19 20190305

- Root and boot partitions on the SD card are OK, I can still mount them on a PC

What I've tried:
- 3 different SD cards: sometimes one of them works, but none seems to be more more reliable than the others
- Boot from USB disk: USB boot hasn't worked yet from this state
- Reflash the SD card image: sometimes this works, usually it doesn't
- Reflash u-boot: the u-boot flashing image has the same boot problem as the OS image. if it does run, then the RP64 boots normally again.
- Jumper the boot pins: no effect
- Jumper pins 23 and 25: no effect

My setup:
- Ayufan's OpenMediaVault image, running from an SD card
- U-boot. Only for troubleshooting this issue; I wanted to try booting from USB
- Powered from an ITX PSU. After the RP64 is shut down, PSU power is also killed

   Perhaps you have an issue with the sd card reader or the sd does not plug properly.
   You may try to
       - erase the SPI flash
       - boot another kernel (for example Armbian).

   May be it worth trying an emmc instead (the performance is really better than sd) or make the boot from USB work.
   When it boots you may also check dmesg from time to time if errors appear.

Looking forward to see your project.


One more thing I've just remember : I don't know why but sometimes I have to push the two button (power + reset) for launching the boot. If it still does not work I touch all the GPIO pins (when it is power off of course) and then power on.

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