RP64 Won't Boot After Power Down
Hi all,

I've been seeing this issue ever since I got my RP64, where the board sometimes just decides not to boot anymore after being powered down. I've always gotten it to recover eventually, but I really don't know how. The only consistent factors seem to be replugging the SD card and time. Maybe someone can help me out? I promise if I get this working, I'll post my project on here, with scripts and schematics Wink

- No red or white LED
- Green power LED is on, amber ethernet LED is blinking at a constant rate
- UART output only shows 

Quote:DDR Version 1.19 20190305

- Root and boot partitions on the SD card are OK, I can still mount them on a PC

What I've tried:
- 3 different SD cards: sometimes one of them works, but none seems to be more more reliable than the others
- Boot from USB disk: USB boot hasn't worked yet from this state
- Reflash the SD card image: sometimes this works, usually it doesn't
- Reflash u-boot: the u-boot flashing image has the same boot problem as the OS image. if it does run, then the RP64 boots normally again.
- Jumper the boot pins: no effect
- Jumper pins 23 and 25: no effect

My setup:
- Ayufan's OpenMediaVault image, running from an SD card
- U-boot. Only for troubleshooting this issue; I wanted to try booting from USB
- Powered from an ITX PSU. After the RP64 is shut down, PSU power is also killed

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