PINE AIO - All in ones - 28" 32" 1080p, + touch screen ones
I realized that there is no 32" AIO offer in  the market when my sister asked me to select one for her.
There was some Intel and AMD based ones from Lenovo and HP with good price / performance and I opted for an HP one with an AMD APU inside.

The Dunning-Kruger effect 1999, nobel price 2000 applied to this, is that not company engineers no tinkers think people, would prefer AIO, as other options are cheaper and easier to repair, and yet AIO are a sell success being most of the models overpriced a lot.

I think that a cheap offer of Pine AIO would be a success

With replaceable PCBs to upgrade them if needed in the future - in 28" 16:9, as it seems is the most demanded market size, plus 32" that I think is the most valuable size for a desktop, and even 40" ones to be TV and big desktop  - real AIO - 

And bigger Smart TVs with replaceable PCB and the latest Android TV  AOSP - It is rare that a TVbox with Android would upgrade to the next version - .

And 28" and 32" touch screen ones for bars, restaurants, and many other businesses to act as a register case and split the screen for internet leisure if it is not an everyday full business, or whatever.

GNU/Linux, Chromium OS or Android in ARM are good solutions for most of the SOHO and business tasks, and they are usually much cheaper than X86, adding a PCB and some connections to an already good a cheap 1080p (or 720p if price difference is noticeable or 4k if price difference is not or offering price gamma if the market is big enough) 32" monitor - no need to be IPS, VA, is cheaper and good enough - and 28" and 40 50 and 60 with TV tuners - at least as an option - would be a great product to have in the market. 

Even if is just because they produce less noise than their competence.

Last but not least, integrated 1080p webcam, with a privacy switch, can start a landline phone replacement to a TV based video call replacement if paired with a free or cheap service provided by asterisk installing IP phone software on every device with this 1080p webcams - not only this AIOs - and I think that a one-year free trial, plus perhaps a 12 USD/year price, would make that service a good business with a great value add for customers - not just pine hardware ones -.

Thanks for reading this suggestion.
Pine are struggling to source 15" and smaller displays at the minute, I don't think sourcing larger panels will be easier.

I think what could be of value in this space is a large open source display that could have an existing board attached to the back of it. Something that turns an SBC into a desktop. I think they would get tonnes of customers for such a device, even those people using other SBCs.

To really get Pine's interest though I think it would need to offer other features (the ability for the community to hack on it), such as the webcam you suggest, touch screen, port extension, speakers, WiFi + antenna, etc.

Still as I suggested before, I think manufacturing is by far the largest hurdle right now - even if Pine did want to take up this project idea. I believe they currently look to condense their product line rather than expand it.

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