GhostCloud workaround for PinePhone
So, due to some missing parts between UBports and Wayland you cannot setup online accounts on the PinePhone. Bug and Bug.

Here is a way to make it work until the bugs get addressed.
  • We need to build a click package of GhostCloud. I setup a minimal Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine as I use openSUSE and didn't want to try installing the click build environment on it. Then I setup the click build environment as described here. - I used the PIP method.
  • Then following fredldotme's instructions, I built a click package of GhostCloud version 0.9.6 which does not use UBports online account mechanism.
  • I transferred the click package to my PinePhone, and then using the UT Tweak Tool available in the Open Store installed GhostCloud.
  • I was able to enter the URL, username, and password for my NextCloud instance. I now have access to files on my NextCloud server.
  • For Calendar and Contacts, I setup syncevolution following the instructions on this github page.
I hope this will help others.

(04-23-2021, 03:14 PM)mark1250 Wrote:
  • For Calendar and Contacts, I setup syncevolution following the instructions on this github page.

calendar works out of the box these days, but contacts

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