PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
@Lord Windy  in some respects I agree with you, it can be frustrating to feel that the desire to participate is not considered, I say this against my interests because the keyboard is almost exactly how I want it. But obviously I also gave opinions and asked questions without getting answers.
However what I think is that there is no malice behind this behavior but only lack of people who are involved consider the proposals of the users (I don't like the words public relations because they seem like a gambling in this way).
Obviously, I think that some design flaw could be prevented by discussing with users but I think that pine64 anyway take infinitesimally better choices than those of other producers, so I pull up the little tear on my face and try not to think about the small details.
In this specific case I don't think I'll start reprogramming the keyboard if I have to do it on Windows, maybe it's the right time that I learn to use vim, I've already trained with dungeon crawlers  Tongue
To give another example, I would have preferred a battery for pinephone with a common form factor like that of the "don't be evil" devkit , I'm afraid those Samsung batteries will go out of production, but how many people would have accepted such a large phone? People even complained about the color of the cable ... there was no chance
So I asked if the pinephone can only work with the keyboard battery which is more standard, but I got no answer. Amen, I hope so, but there are all the keys I need and the layout doesn't look so bad to me, a lot of things are in the right place and the USB still remains operational.
At the same time I believe that some advice was listened to without giving feedback, for example I saw a lot of attention to the hinge and the ability of the keyboard not to fall under the weight of the phone.
And the layout actually met some user requests too, like mine on the control keys, and the layout was also changed in the final stages by looking at the blog. Maybe some things are not the best but I have seen the layout improved in general within the iterations.

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