PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
Sadly, I'm a bit disappointed by this keyboard. To preface, I've been using pkb phones for a good 20 years now and I currently use a Blackberry Passport. (Sadly, it uses 3G for calls, which is depreciated. So I am having to dual carry and use a slab for phone and text... I don't know how you people use these things. )  Most of my interest in Pinephone is the pkg, although all the FOSS stuff is a bonus. I look at this from the spectrum of a Blackberry (or my old Symbols) replacement. I need a portable daily-driver pkg email,phone,text machine.

I'll keep it condensed:
  • Hinge system is not 180-degrees which makes this difficult to use as a phone. While I abhor phone calls, sadly the rest of the world hasn't caught up yet. I've received 3 phone calls last week, this phone would make it difficult to receive those calls in semi-public locations. I'm not going to lug around bluetooths and speaker phones make you an asshole if you're in public or semi-public spaces.
  • Keyboard layout is awful. Yes, programmable keys is a good thing, but the keyfaces are going to be all wrong. I know there was a survey, but in typical Pine fashion it was completely botched. Not all of us hang out on the various chat channels. The polling should have been done everywhere, forums, website, chats, reddit, twitter, etc. And as another user said, left for a month. Having to use FN keys to use the arrow keys by default is an absolute joke. vim users have their heads up their rear ends. There are more people out there in the world that use arrow keys than jkl; I mean seriously, does anyone use brackets and braces MORE than they do arrow keys? I'm a C/C++ programmer by trade, and I don't even use that many brackets and braces...
  • Really needed a mouse option. A pointing stick (ibm nub, whatever) would have been perfect.

All told, a bit disappointed, and now I am on the fence about buying one. I will still probably get it, but I doubt I'll be using it as I intended. Really, I might be better off getting a Unihertz Titan for my needs and then get LineageOS on it to get rid of the spyware. It'll still suck running an Android/Linux rather than a true Gnu/Linux, or better yet, a BSD. :\

(04-26-2021, 08:17 PM)AllhafRA Wrote: Does a Pinephone with such a pot-bellied keyboard module fit in your pocket?) It seemed to me that because of its thickness, it would have to be carried in a backpack. More neat (compact) hinges are not considered, apparently? Well, I tried =) No one will prevent you from redoing the purchased module)

Unless you're a lady (seriously, why are women pockets so small), or wearing skinny jeans, it should fit in your pants. I can lug a gun, a Blackberry Passport, and an overly fat wallet (sadly not from money) in one pocket of a typical pair of khakis. Although I most of the time the wallet and Passport to the other pocket. None the less, your wallet is probably thicker, the Passport is probably wider, and the gun/holster is bigger in all directions.

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