PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(04-23-2021, 02:04 PM)AK0eSFeUSFWA6TOX Wrote: Looks sick, thanks for the update!

I know having different layouts and different keycaps to fit every bill is expensive so I'm guessing the answer for those questions is no, but I'm gonna ask them anyway Smile

- Will there be tactile bumps on the F and J keycaps?

- Will a version with blank keycaps be available (like the prototype)?

- In the future, would a version with an ortholinear layout be possible?
Ortholinear would be great!! It's such a waste to have the massive spacebar and other modifiers when you're trying to fit stuff into this small form factor. Something like the layout of the Planck or Preonic would make sense on a device like this.
I have a Gemini PDA, and honestly the keyboard is horrible. I don't think the Psion was ever worth copying. It would be nice to see people try to innovate more, maybe use some of the knowledge from the mechanical keyboard community.
Blank keycaps would be nice since the thing is programmable. Better a blank key than a wrong key. And little bumps would make it easier to find your spot without looking (labels or not). I would ideally have mine in the Workman layout, and if the spacebar could be replaced with smaller keys on an ortho version, I would have backspace and enter at the bottom along with space.
I love free software!

- PinePhone UBPorts Community Edition (mainboard upgraded)
- Pinecil
- PinePower
- Pinebook Pro (ordered)
- PineTime (ordered)

- Guix System (ThinkPad T440p, ThinkPad X220T)
- Sway
- Pinky4 keyboard

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