PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(04-24-2021, 08:50 AM)lot378 Wrote: None of that makes sense to me -- backslash and pipe are not anywhere near the semi-colon/colon key on my keyboards they are near left-shift. Those two symbols may be near the semi-colon/colon key on your keyboard. Bottom line: trying to make a rule from this or implying there is a pattern amounts to fail.

The backslash and pipe for me are on the right side, one row above and to the right of the semi-colon/colon key... but this is because I have the ANSI 101/104 layout keyboard, which is standard for this part of the world. You probably have the 102/105 layout keyboard, which puts the backslash and pipe on the bottom left, as well as some other funky layout changes. i.e. as highlighted with the red keys on

At the end of the day... as I'm sure has been mentioned somewhere, they are sticking with the ISO layout for now (presumably because there's more customers who want ISO than ANSI), and will consider ANSI layout if the turnover for the keyboard is sufficient.

(04-24-2021, 08:43 PM)megous Wrote: Anyway, I don't think keyboard charging circuitry can control when the power gets to the phone all by itself. It would be best for usability if both charging controllers were controlled by the SoC somehow. Otherwise there will be a plenty of weird edge cases.

What it could control is which charges first, just like my Asus Eee Pad used to. When you plugged the charge lead into the keyboard, and the tablet was docked, it would charge the tablet battery first, and then the keyboard battery... thus if you unclipped it from the keyboard, the tablet battery would have had as much of a charge as it could get.

I agree with the rest though... but actually suspect that both chargers will be in parallel, so will need a beefy charger to charge at maximum amperage for each, or the keyboard charge rate limited.

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