PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
I am now the proud owner of a Pinephone and new keyboard. My first impressions are generally favorable but I have a couple of observations about possible improvements.

The convergence kit/docking bar does not seem to work for accessing USB devices like mice or printers --- through the port on the Pinephone. If you connect the docking bar to a red power cable and plug into the keyboard it will take a charge.

When using apps on the computer which need keyboard input a virtual/on-screen keyboard is present even though the physical keyboard is in place. With Mobian there is a mini keyboard icon you can touch and the on-screen keyboard disappears. Getting rid of it over and over again (like when browsing the Internet) can be very tiresome and distracting. With the keyboard attached it would be helpful to have NO on-screen keyboard.

I do not know how difficult it would be to remedy this situation.

Great praise to all involved in bringing the keyboard into existence.

running Mobian Bookworm with current updates

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