PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(09-26-2021, 09:35 PM)ksmithaz1 Wrote:
(09-15-2021, 02:33 PM)ragreenburg Wrote: This got delayed which sucks. There are a few things I want to try and get from the Pine store but am waiting until this is available to save on shipping.

I have to agree.  I replaced my screen a while back, Kind of pricey to ship a single item.  Looks like Arch/Phosh actually works and isn't so slow it's unusable, ... for the most part.  I want to grab a RockPro and a few other items at the same time.

This needs to hit critical mass.  I think it's close, but there needs to be a reasonably stable working:

SMS/MMS texting

That are all working "out of the box" so to speak  As soon as they approach a 6c x 8g x 64g maybe with 1920 device available I will buy another phone.  Hopefully some of these nifty add-ons will remain 'compatible'.  I would love to see a few design changes as well.  Access to the sim slot is annoying, and I'm constantly swapping things around.  Especially hard with a nano-micro cheater.  May back us currently cracked from repeated removal.  Something that would allow storage of a couple of SD's and an extra sim so I don't keep losing the Jumpdrive sim ;-)...    All in all this is a great project, and could easily free the market  from the apple-google monopoly, with something that seems a bit more well thought out than the motorola modular thing.  It's just really fun to watch.
Yeah, I could imagine that would be super pricey.

I don't think Pine64 will ever release a phone that strong, that is stronger than most phones on the market and they would be selling to a niche audience. I want a more powerful Pine Phone but I also don't want to spend $800+ on a phone, I think that has become normalized and is ridiculous. For many people that's several months of food. I would love a $400 device that is twice as powerful because at some point the biggest issue with using this as a daily driver will be hardware limitations. Doesn't matter how much Phosh is optimized when the phone still take 15-20 seconds to launch Telegram. 99% of people aren't willing to accept that wait and I can't blame them.

I've been daily driving this for a bit over 2 months and it has been just fine but I also realized if you asked a random person to daily driver this they would lose their minds. My girlfriend has only interacted with it a handful of times and she hates it because it can be so slow.

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