<Noob - My experience setting up Remix OS
There seem to be quite a few people trying to burn DD images using PhoenixCard and failing, particularly with RemixOS. Makes me think something about the Pine64 wiki is tripping people up.

*Goes to check*

Yes, it's probably this, taken from the Software Release page of the wiki, RemixOS section:

"Setup Info
  1. Use Winrar to extract the img file form the archive

  2. Use Allwinner PhoenixCard Bootable SD-Card Creator to create the bootable SD Card."
This seems to imply that all RemixOS images can be burned with PhoenixCard when this is not the case.

As for your overscan issue, as Luke says, your TV may have a setting that can correct this for you. Not all TVs do, though, and the setting you need to adjust could have any number of names.

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