<Noob - My experience setting up Remix OS
In the box:
Pine 64 2GB
Power Supply
No name 16GB MicroSD card (blank) [Interestingly, my Backerkit page asked me what image I wanted pre-installed on my 8 GB card.  I chose Andriod, yet they sent me a blank 16 GB card.  I didn't realize it was 16 GB until I was "debugging" my booting issues with MiniTool Partition wizard and saw it was 16 not 8.]

Set up Equipment:
IBM Thinkcentre - Win7, Intel i5 (3.30Ghz), 8 GB RAM
USB 2.0 memory card reader
6 pack Cigar City Jai Alai

What I did:
Went to Wiki and followed the "Freshman" instructions which to paraphrase said:
Download H2testw to test authenticity on microSD - (Passed)
Install Win32 Disk Imager
Download the preferred image file listed below, extract and burn to micoSD card via Win32.
Once burnt, I plugged in card and fired up the Pine 64.  It only splashed the Pine 64 logo and power cycled over and over.

After hours of research and multiple cycles of re-partitioning the card and trying to re-burn the image I stumbled upon another set of set up instructions pointing me to the main Wiki page > 10. Software/Image Download > Software/Image Download > Remix OS Image Release.
At this point I did not realize I had a 16 GB card and picked the 8 GB image file.  (Not sure if I picked it 'cause it was the first one or because I had what I thought was an 8 GB card).  Either way, I kept burning the 8 GB img file to a 16 GB card and trying to boot with no luck.
After several days and hours of research and failed boot attempts, I somehow found my way to using PhoenixCard to burn the image but did not realize there was a dedicated, specific img for PhoenixCard.  Trying to burn the 16 GB DD via PhoenixCard kept giving an error - "Script NOT found! Please use a new version image!".  It took awhile but eventually realized there was a specific img for Phoenix listed below all the DD img's for Win32.
[Image: 06.14.2016-10.49.png]

So, finally seeing the light, I burnt the Phoenix img via Phoenix and attempted to boot.  Nope!  Same outcome as before.
After reading forum comments, I removed the wireless keyboard usb dongle, removed the wifi/BT POT and event the HDMI ...but still no boot.  While researching I read a lot of input about how important the I/O of the microSD card being used is, especially for Andriod.   So as a last ditch effort, I wrangled up a 32 GB SanDisk (used in my 4k DJI OSMO) I had around, tested it via H2testw and uploaded the img file to it via PhoenixCard.  Plugged it in...and bam! it boot right up.

People! - Ditch the SD card supplied by Pine!

Hours and I mean HOURS of headaches because the SD card supplied with Pine 64 Kickstarter package is worthless.
I have already Amazon ordered a Samsung 16 GB EVO SDHC card Link for $6.99.

I do have 1 post-boot problem though.  The outer corners of the desktop are beyond the view of the monitor.  Meaning I can barley see the bottom task bar or the minimize/close window icons in the upper right part of the screen.  In Settings / Screen Resolution, there is NO option to resize the screen or change the resolution.  Any ideas??!

Thanks, Fitz

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