GPS Antenna - external connector?
I checked and that is the GNSS antenna feed.
[Image: feed.jpg]
The green arrow points to the 0ohm resistor that should be removed. Then the signal can be fed to the red pad.
But yeah these pads are tiny.

When looking for GPS alternatives I saw a few I2C units. I don't think it is possible to get GPSD to work with an I2C source, but should be usable for just about anything else.

It might also be possible to use the headphone console as a normal serial port.
I bought one of these GPS amplifiers.
Price is even cheaper then when I bought mine. Search for ANT-1573, they seem to be having a price war.

It works.

Stock PinePhone with amplifier repeater sitting right on top the corner of the case above the GPS antenna. On the right is the Franken-Phone with ceramic patch antenna. The amplifiers antenna is about 6 feet away.
[Image: repeater.PNG]
This will probably be my solution for use in car.
Thanks @8bit, much appreciated.
I haven't been able to try the alternate signal path (my soldering skills aren't good enough), but I have acquired a ublox7 GPS dongle which is giving good enough results for my purposes.
a second external connector was a good idea
Im wondering if a case could be made that uses the 6 pins on the back as a powered antenna break out. In my area signal strength is poor so I would sacrifice pocketability and battery for more reception for gps and 2g,3g,4g.

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