Modem Open Stack - ingoing calls nak/outgoing calls ok
Hello Piners - As many of you (i am only assuming), I've followed with great interest the latest magic from both Biktor & [i]Konrad - [/i]highlighted in both the April 
update for their awesome work, but also more recently following 0.2.1 release[i], which I flashed (pretty straightforward) [/i]on a PmOS CE/Mobian unstable/5.10x.

All went well - modem rebooted, power management is a pass, so as outgoing calls - incoming, however, fail.
Back to stock (sigh...) with both incoming/outgoing calls ok.

I haven't seen any open issue on GitHub - and hopefully I ain't double-posting either over here, I the only one with such experience?

Many thanks for any idea you may have.

fixed on latest PostmarketOS Edge + pinephone_modem_sdk 0.2.9

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