Cannot boot from SD cards any longer.
(04-16-2021, 11:12 AM)neil_swann80 Wrote: Really odd.

Have you tried a thorough wipe of one of the MicroSDs before flashing an image?

Mounted in linux you can run:
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX
(where sdX is the device of the drive to delete)

In windows (cmd) you can run diskpart, select the drive, then "clean all".

What method/tool are you using for the flash?

Are you using your Pinephone without a sim currently?  If so, are you possibly putting the microsd in the sim slot by accident?  Easily done, it does fit a little to nicely in the sim slot and you wouldn't be the first... I'm guilty of that silly error myself!  (unlikely as you said you can see the card via lsblk... but throwing it out there)

Thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunately they don't make a difference.  I'm positive the SD is in the correct slot .  As I mentioned above, I can see it in the terminal on the device when I run lsblk.  Regarding flashing, I normally use balenaEtcher as it's been foolproof but I've tried with dd and doing a full zeroing of the card.  All the same problem: no attempt to boot from the SD card. Sad

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