Pine64 forum vs other channels
There used to be logs from the IRC side of the chat bridge (don't want to leave out those using IRC, Telegram, Matrix, and Discord,) available through the main site. Maybe it's possible to restore the feature and the admins can be convinced to do so. It looks like the link probbaly just got dropped when Pine made the switch to their new style/theme.
The Pinephone chat room is also available (bridged) through Matrix (i.e.: Element) along with chat rooms of Mobian, KDE Mobile, Purism... AFAIK.

Matrix does not need any phone number or email address to register.

Just go to and install or run (web) the official client Element, register on the default server or another server you trust, and find the Pinephone offical channels names on Pine64 wiki.

As I said, Matrix channels for PP projects are often bridges to IRC or Telegram, so once there you're on official channels.
(04-14-2021, 03:08 PM)ncc Wrote: i think young people use chats, and older people use forums.. this is why you see more "noise" there, and less here.. and since we are mostly ancient, we have more experience too, so you see here less "activity", compared to those kids

I think the largest benefit to not using chats is that information is easily accessed asynchronously.

I don't have time to monitor matrix/discord/whatever all day every day on the off-chance someone says something useful.
I have these for channels I care about to search for stuff in:

Quick grep for anything and no need to watch the channels all day every day.
my website:
So thanks a lot for your comments there. I took time to follow the Mobian chat, it's quite useful to get support as people are quite helpful and to learn about new features coming soon. It looks like people also update Wiki when something useful is found.

The pinephone channel itself is also interesting but quite a lot of people there, so a lot of time is needed to read all the messages.

In the end all these means are complementary from what I can see and anyone can pick up what better fits his needs.

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