erase spi flash
大家好,我只是想将pinebook pro恢复为出厂默认设置,并且想擦除闪存,所以找到了以下命令:
flash_erase / dev / mtd0 0 0
我想知道的是,仅运行上面的命令即可将spi flash擦除为默认值? 



Hi every, I wanna konw the command "flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 0" is erase the spi to factory defsult?

After I run this command "flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 0" and do not flash ang "spiflash.bin" to /dev/mtd0, then reboot form the sd card will be ok ?

Or after flash_erase /dev/mtd0 must be flash a new spiflash to /dev/mtd0  (erase spi flash cannot boot normally) ?

if anyone knows, tell me please, thanks.
This should help:

(as a side note, i've merged your duplicate post here, and removed the other.)

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