x86 replacement?
(04-07-2021, 01:30 PM)Vasant Wrote:
(04-06-2021, 03:43 PM)guenther Wrote: @LMM  Thank you for your extensive answer and that you have done the benchmark. Well, over all it sounds not too bad and I guess it would be worth to give the RockPro a try. But I have to think about it a little more what to do...

Thank you again, it was really helpfull!

Regards, guenther
Be careful about depending on benchmarks which mostly sit inside the cache  and rarely reflect real world performance.
One metric that you can use is to compare the size of caches. Intel I7 is an expensive chip (> $300/-) with large caches 
and will easily beat a RK3399 (~$15/-) in real world performance- example running Firefox browser.

So if you are expecting I7 class performance you are likely to be disappointed -Sad.
Hi Vasant, thank you for your relevant remark
As I was ignorant on this topic, I made some search and you are probably true.
The modern apps are very demanding in memory and it may be the bottleneck for the performance.
However RP64 is not that bad in term of cache :
L1 : 48K+32K/core (32K+32K/core for intel skylake)
L2 : 1M for big + 512K for little ( 256K/core + L3 = 4-8 MB for intel skylake)

To double the cache :
  - one has to increase the size of the processor by more than 50%
  - increase dramatically the price. This could be also an option for rockchip : a top end product line
I an waiting forward the new rk3588 processed in 8nm !

Concerning independent benchmark tests, I suppose they took into account this factor since they are really testing processors.

And I agree with you, RP64 is not intended to compete with i7 and you would be disappointed if you expect so but for every day usage it is ok, at least for my usage - I sometime have to be a little more patient.


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