Flashing PineTime with 3rd party bootloader
(04-05-2021, 07:21 AM)Mpoint Wrote: Since both pineTime and banglejs use has the same hardware chipset

The controller might be the same, but absolutely everything else looks different: https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js

The PineTime does not have a Magnetometer, tonnes of buttons, GPS, etc. That firmware will not work out of the box.

(04-05-2021, 07:21 AM)Mpoint Wrote: Would it be possible to flash bootloader.js to by converting javascript to binary https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1443...han-base64

BASE64 is not binary, it's simply an encoding. The watch has no way of processing Javascript without being told how to.

(04-05-2021, 07:21 AM)Mpoint Wrote: Alternatively I am looking for HR and HRV App for PineTime
and Banglejs has one on github 

The current PineTime firmware can read the HR sensor. It's unclear to me what is required to calculate HRV though. It mya not be possible with the current hardware.

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