Synchronizing: How do you sync / synchronize Calendar and Contacts with your desktop?
(04-20-2021, 07:31 AM)Anna Wrote: Thank you guys for all your suggestions – so far I checked three of them (GSConnect is still on my list) with different outcomes:

Unfortunately, I lacked the required knowledge and skills to understand the tutorial on and I could not find tips or even videos anywhere else. Someone very familiar with Vdirsyncer even advised me against using it since it was too cumbersome to use for the intended purpose. He instead recommended Nextcloud.

Is part of the repository and relatively easy to use -- I could set it up within a day. However, I could not find a way to synchronise calendar/contacts and if I did not miss anything, it's not possible without additionally using DecSync. Same problem as with Vdirsyncer: I could not find any info I could comprehend.

Wonderfully easy to install and to get it to work. Calendar and Contacts on my desktop and on the Pinephone do indeed get the entries from Nextcloud, so it could potentially be the solution I was looking for. However, it does not work the other way around: The data from my desktop and from the pp  does not show up in Nextcloud. Also, the entries from Nextcloud are not saved in the standard files (/home/mobian/.local/share/evolution/addressbook(or calendar)/system/contacts.db (or calendar.ics) and I have no Idea where they end up.

Is it possible to set up Nextcloud in such a way that it 1. actually synchronises Contacts and Calendar in both directions and (maybe less importantly) 2. saves the entries in contacts.db and  calendar.ics?

Any ideas welcome … I don't want to give up at this point.

Maybe you went the wrong way with Nextcloud : you can enable synchronisation in Gnome directly like this, both on desktop and on the Pinephone. It should enable 2-way sync, and you shouldn't need .db or .ics files. You also get remote files access (but be aware that NC installed on a workstation will behave as if it was installed on a server, so your desktop will also need to sync files in a NC folder -- don't pay attention to this if you installed NC on a Pi or anywhere else than your desktop computer).
(04-20-2021, 04:01 PM)bitsandnumber Wrote: Maybe you went the wrong way with Nextcloud : you can enable synchronisation in Gnome directly like this,

That is exactly what I did. In this setup, the Calendar/Contacts entries are only transferred from Nextcloud to PP/Computer (not vice versa) where they are not saved properly. Is there any way to change that?
I have found the problem: In order to make Gnome Contacts / Calendar share their entries with Nextcloud, one has to go to Settings/Change Address Book and select the Nextcloud-Calendar in Gnome Contacts -- and do the same when adding a new entry in Calendar.

So I guess I can mark the issue as solved now. In my brief experience, the  simplest way to synchronise contacts and dates between the Pinephone and a desktop computer is to
  • install Ubuntu Server in Virtualbox and set up Nextcloud (which is easy and can be quickly done, there are loads of video tutorials)
  • go to Settings/Online Accounts/Nextcloud on the Pinephone, add the server name etc and choose calendar/contacts and do the same on the computer.
  • make sure one selects the Nextcloud address book and calendar in Gnome Contacts / Calendar (see above).
Now all entries should be synchonised and remain available when offline.

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