Buildworld benchmarks
(03-26-2021, 03:04 AM)ashleymills Wrote: I've also got the NAS case, and that was with the lid on and two 3.5" hard drives in, but the build process gets to the same temperature on the radxa 3399 board. I'm not too worried about this because this it isn't normal to be hammering 4 cores for 6 hours straight. But it would make sense if acpi_thermal was working to have passive throttling of the CPU, I'm not sure what's going on in that case, I need to investigate.

On the topic of the NAS case, I found it very difficult to get two 3.5" drives to fit. The bottom drive only clears the tall heatsink if I have the drive at an angle. Very tight inside. There's no way I could fit the fan in either since I had to move the hard drive back to get the angle to clear the heatsink.

The wiki for the NAS does say "any of the three available heatsinks will fit in the NAS Case" but I don't think this is true now that I've tried it.

I didn't order the fan. I was thinking of having a 3 or 4 pin PWM fan using some of the gpios and an external circuit, but that's one of those projects I'll never get around to doing. An easier option would be to have a 12v fan with a speed adjuster connected to the sata power with a splitter, and then just adjust the speed so it is silent.

I too have a NAS case and have mixed feelings on it. It is a marvel of space management but at the cost of needing some foresight in cable management. The build quality is very low, as mine came with a noticeable warp. The warp disappears when stuffed full of HDDs. I do not have a clearance issue with the tall heatsink and HDDs. The medium heatsink and a CPU fan also have adequate clearance. However, the interior layout forces air to flow across the front of the device, only cooling the PCIe to SATA adapter but not flowing over the CPU heatsink and through the disk drives. I fabricated from an aluminum soda can an air dam that forces the air around the PCIe to SATA adapter right into the CPU heatsink. There is another air dam on the other side to help push the air through the disk drives. I had to use my own 90 degrees angled SATA bus and SATA cables to have good clearance from the case fan, as the Pine64 provided cables introduce a significant mechanical stress on the SATA outputs of 3.5" HDD drives.

I know this is getting off topic from benchmarking CPU performance, however with a little inventiveness one can add a significant boost in efficiency to heat removal, especially with HDDs doing data migration or other disk intensive tasks in a closed space. Since my background is in carpentry and fabrication, I will post a more formal design modification for those interested once I have something I've fully vetted. I am impressed enough with the case that I will be abandoning my own custom case design, and instead modifying this case to suit my needs.
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