Battery Power
(06-11-2016, 10:55 PM)clackamas Wrote: I have 5 Pine64+ 2G models I just received today.  I am planning to build a Wimpy Cluster and starting with 5 to prototype the idea.

The inspiration came from this paper:

In his paper, he created a custom PCB to both power the board from the 5V input and twidle with an LED.

In my setup, I am planning to use the battery input from a standard PC Power supply instead to simplify cabling (and I see the jumper on the board to switch to battery).

The main question I have is do I need to add a ploy (or other) fuse (as he describes) to protect from short circuits?

Also, I cannot think of any reason, but I would not expect a performance decrease just because I am on battery power?

And no, I am not an EE.

Battery power will not decrease the board performance. The poly fuse is for cautious measure and considers a good option.

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