Pinephone mainboards on stock again somewhen?

is there any plan to get the Pinephone replacement mainboards (especially the one with 3GB RAM and 32GB eMMC) back on stock in the near future?

I would really like to pimp up my UBports Pinephone with the new mainboard containing more RAM and eMMC.

I don't really want to buy a complete new phone for this.

Thanks in advance.
I'm interested as well since i own the UBPort edition and i would like to take the advantage of the mainboard's sale (if it's not ended forever)
I would like to upgrade my buggy 1.2 UBports mainboard to 1.2b too.
the 2gb board looks in stock and the bh offer should be back soon.
I put my order in too, but it would be cool to have a parts kit to make another lower performance pinephone at a later date with my 16gb board.

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