Write to an A1-rated Micro SD card failed
Here's a brief update...  Introducing a delay into the card detection, by adding "card-detect-delay = <0x320>;" into the relevant section of the device tree file, made no changes to the behavior of the A1-rated card; the write operation failed in the same way as before.

However, limiting the maximum speed of the card interface, by replacing "sd-uhs-sdr104;" with "sd-uhs-sdr50;" in the device tree file, resulted in a slower (10.4 MB/s vs. 13.8 MB/s; the latter was achieved with the non-A1-rated card) but successful write operation.  Here are the kernel messages upon inserting the A1-rated card:

[   76.077610] mmc_host mmc1: Bus speed (slot 0) = 100000000Hz (slot req 100000000Hz, actual 100000000HZ div = 0)
[   76.310549] dwmmc_rockchip fe320000.mmc: Successfully tuned phase to 213
[   76.310636] mmc1: new ultra high speed SDR50 SDHC card at address 5048
[   76.312424] mmcblk1: mmc1:5048 SD16G 14.4 GiB

The investigation continues.

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