Write to an A1-rated Micro SD card failed
mmh weird, afaik only A2 cards require any special handling to unlock features, I only have two A1 cards (Sandisk Extreme A1 16GB and Sandisk Ultra A1 16GB) but they both seem to work at SDR104 with either BSP (tested on older ayufan Debian image) and mainline (tested on Armbian).

My issues with sdcards were mostly related to various u-boot versions before the link training was up to the same level as in the linux drivers...

Can you test your cards at a lower bus speed, like DDR50 or just high speed?
Also what kernel version did your run?
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RE: Write to an A1-rated Micro SD card failed - by xalius - 03-16-2021, 07:13 AM

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