RockBox alternative
I am trying to make something like RockProBox, it means TV box using RockPro to replace my aging RockBox.

I guess it is more difficult than I thought.

First, it is impossible to find some working Android with Play Store AND working from EMMC. I found some Slash TV, but it does not boot from EMMC.

I was able to install PlayStore to Android 9, but Kodi does not run, it crashes just after start.

Ok, let me try Linux. Armbian looks good, it is fast and stable. It runs Kodi. It does not run RetroArch, because it is arm64 and Retroarch does not have the cores for arm64. Bang.

Ok, let me try Linux armhf. I chose Ayufan's Ubuntu Focal. It runs Kodi and Retroarch with the cores, but after a while the network is disconnected and I see the profgram crashed. So it is not stable.

Yes, there are some obscure OSs like Twister OS or Armbian Reforged, I tried that too, but there are still the OS in beta or development and I cannot even update them without breaking the things.

So, is there any working OS (Android with Play Store running from EMMC supporting Kodi)?
Or, is there any Linux distro armhf version that is stable?

I do not want to insult anyone, RockPro is surely great SBC, but it seems it is not suitable as a TV box replacement.
LibreELEC has RockPro64 builds.
That is nice, but that is just Kodi, right? I think it is overkill to have so powerful and expensive board just for Kodi. Kodi runs fine even on ordinary RockBox from Android.
So I replaced my Rockbox for RockPro with Android 7.1.2 with play store and it is much better. Everything works except wifi, what is not a big point.

Will try to install some Armbian to Rockbox to use it as a server.

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