Best charging adapter
has anyone tested different charging adapter for the pinephone ? I have been using my J5 charger and recently got a EP-200TA from a S20. Which adapter is the "best" for Manjaro Pinephone ? Are there any differences at all ?
interestingly, by charging my pinephone, i found out that one of my generic usb chargers cant handle sustained charging at 1.5A* and disconnects, but works again after i unplug and replug

*got the value from mobian

i thought about building my own external battery charger, because i have some spare TP4056 modules. still need to think about how i connect it to the battery for convenient use. i might get to it if i ever get a second battery
You mean by hooking it up to the PC ? Charging via USB works kinda ok but using a power adapter is way quicker. I'll give the other more powerful adapter a try.

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