No SMS reception anymore
I noticed, that I do not receive SMS anymore. The last SMS I received was on 29.01.2021 and a SMS I should have received ca. on 03.02.2021 never arrived. Is this a known issue or is it only a problem with my provider?
My Mobian CE 3Gb also does not receive SMS. I’m using Google Fi in the USA.

CORRECTION: I was not receiving SMS because I was sending from an iPhone and my Apple account had previously allowed Apple's non-SMS Message method. So, it was going to iOS devices but not via SMS. I turned that off in my Apple account and now my PinePhone receives SMS.
I made a new test. Sent an SMS to phone with actual nightly built, SMS is not received. Than I flashed back version mobian-pinephone-phosh-20210129.img and the SMS arrived! So I think that something changed in between. I did not make any changes to modem firmware etc. only made the system updates.
Again I did some tests. I flashed the nightly builts arround 29.01.2021 to 03.02.2021 and with every image I could receive SMS! Finally I updated the system to the actual nightly built and it still works. So maybe I have messed up something with the updates or my installed programs, but at the and the fresh install repaired the problem.

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