Booting Linux/Debian from the eMMC
Fixed it! I'm thinking the issue was with the SPI flash. Since this RockPro64 was one of the first V2.0 boards I guess it has an old image on it.

First, after booting with the SD card to Linux (SW4 jumper was removed), I then dd'd the same image used on the SD card to the emmc device, in my case /dev/mmcblk2. I then downloaded (u-boot-flash-spi-rockpro64.img.xz)

to a PC with an SD card reader/writer. When the dd completed, I did a shutdown -h. Removed the SD card, burned the u-boot image (the unzx'd image) to the SD. Put the SD in the RockPro64 and booted it up. This took several minutes. I was then greeted by the intitial boot up of my image (asked to to set a root password and add a new user). I just did an apt update on the RockPro64. I've also removed the SD card as it doesn't show in the df or mount commands. I then rebooted, watched the console (still getting the "bad CRC, using default environment") and I've booted to the rockpro64 login prompt.

I'll now get busy restoring the services I had running previously and do an apt upgrade also, uhm first.  Rolleyes

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