Pinephone app development
I saw this thread and couldn't resist throwing in a few more options:

Ones I've tested on the PP (mobian). The benefit of all these options is that they can run on the desktop and on the pinephone.
Love2D ( - this is the easiest one to get up and running IMO.
libgdx ( - Java based games seem to work fine on the PP, I've been able to run pixelwheels from here
Gnome builder ( - this might be linux only? this has great options for pseudo-cross compiling - it can automatically setup a virtual machine on linux (I use Ubuntu) and emulate the phone apps on a desktop. It has samples for C/Python and others.

Ones I've not tested, but would be interesting:
Python with pygame ( / Kivy ( / Pyglet ( (lots of options here)
Haxe with or openfl
Godot (as was mentioned above)
There are also a bunch of C/C++ libraries: SDL, Allegro, OGRE, Irrlicht, etc.

I am interested in the "embedded" approach at least for the case you need stability and energy efficiency, that is you don't need to port the whole desktop linux to the phone, this "mode" can coexist with the full port and switch between them on demand, here is an example in C code, it is very easy to test it if you have a dock to connect a keyboard with Arch Barebone or connect remotely
Thanks for this solution. I also have the case.
(03-29-2021, 01:50 AM)pcvonz Wrote: Have you considered trying Godot? I read an article recently about creating GUI apps with it[1]. I've used it quite extensively for games and I'm pretty tempted to try app development with it. The GUI system is a little hard to wrap your head around, but there are some pretty decent tutorials online for that. I got a basic demo running on the pinephone using frt[2].


Did you ever make a GUI with Godot? I spent a month or so playing with Godot and made a game or two and would be really interested to hear your experiences with this! I've made a handful of apps with Gtk for Mobian and the interface has stopped me from making a few others because it can get super annoying.

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