Plasma Mobile telephony broken? Testing / Unstable
No problems with Manjaro Phosh even leaving the phone on overnight (in suspend mode). Modem / phone calls still work the following morning.
I normally turn the modem off overnight, so I've never tested this with Mobian, but I have no doubt it works, too.
Pinephone v1.2 UBports CE. Adelaide, Australia using Aldimobile SIM with Mobian SD card.
Manjaro Plasma Mobile on EMMC.
Phosh has many functions implemented which have not been done in Plasma and you need to do them manually, Plasma is considered a flagship now like Gnome in desktop, it's the "default" and it's getting better as it is updated every day, use whatever is better for you but I insist on the implementation of an energy saving mode that shuts down everything except for the calls.

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