"Low Disk Space on Filesystem root" after installing Axolotl and Podcasts
That did it! Thank you!

And thank you so much for the link -- the page answers so many questions I had:
--Thanks to scale-to-fit I can now use GPodder (sort of)
-I have learned that GPS actually works (Maps and Open Street Maps in the Gnome Browser still show some address in Frankfurt, Germany, as my location but at least now I know that this is not some random placeholder but that it is actually measured (albeit falsely), so thats a point to start to look for the error.)
-There is a manual on how to "Mount SDcard as /home"; that was one of the next things I wanted to do (though encrypted)

...and I am sure there's a lot more to discover once I read the whole thing.


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RE: "Low Disk Space on Filesystem root" after installing Axolotl and Podcasts - by Anna - 03-05-2021, 02:33 AM

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