"Low Disk Space on Filesystem root" after installing Axolotl and Podcasts
(02-24-2021, 11:09 AM)Anna Wrote: ...

The "flatpak uninstall --unused" command indeed did the trick for the time being -- the available disk space went up from 1.5 GB to 2.4 GB. ("Operating System" grew from 7.5 GB to 8.6 GB, while "Home" shrunk from 5.8 GB to 4 GB -- whatever the reasons may be). The "Low Disk Space" message has disappeared.

I'm happy!


Glad you are sorted for now. In fact just today someone on the Axolotl Telegram group has created a package that can be installed directly into Mobian (join the Telegram group linked in the Axolotl display, have a look a post from e m at 15:12 (GMT) today). It saves me 1Gb of my eMMC.

In the longer run it is perfectly possible to use an SDcard to supplement your storage, say for all your photos and music, so your eMMC size does not have to be a bottleneck.

I use liferea for my podcasts (I like it as also use it for my RSS news feeds). As far as I can tell it hasn't yet bloated in my filesystem - it does have a default storage of 100 episodes/entries blah blah.
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