Page allocation failure on KDE Community edition -"0 pages hwpoisoned"
Hello all,

I recently received my plasma mobile community edition Pinephone. Everything's gone fine until today, where the Angelfish browser crashed. I've had the same long error message since this morning on a terminal screen, which is stuck on the error message '0 pages hwpoisoned', although there is a much longer traceback.The phone will interestingly enough respond to moving my mouse and touching, although I do anything but move the cursor.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Does anyone else know any fixes besides removing the battery/letting the battery run out? The phone isn't responding to the power button, and I really really don't want to brick this, although I doubt it will ruin the firmware.

Thanks! Smile
It's a problem with memory corruption, hopefully a temporary/transient issue (like a passing cosmic ray) but it could be bad hardware:

There's a recessed hardware reset button in the back of the phone that you can push in with a paperclip, so you might try that. Removing the battery while the phone is powered on can corrupt the modem firmware though early on I did it a couple of times with no ill effects. (Also it's possible to reinstall/update the modem firmware if needed.)

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