Sylpheed, Nextcloud Screensize not for Mobile
i think you have a misunderstanding of the app store on your phone. whatever os you're running on your pinephone is not so strictly maintained that the devs are controlling what is and isn't in the app store. the app store in phosh is essentially the same thing as Gnome Software Center, made to accomodate device screens. the apps inside are the same across both platforms, mobile and desktop. some run on aarch64, some don't, just as some scale and some don't. the responsibility of this does not belong with the devs, of whatever os you choose, to filter every single app. it would be more apt to report your scaling issues to the devs of those particular apps you're unable to scale.

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RE: Sylpheed, Nextcloud Screensize not for Mobile - by tophneal - 02-19-2021, 09:35 AM

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