eg25manager always turns on GPS when waking up from sleep
in my opinion current eg25manager is just a workaround.

It seems that sometimes, modem parameters are lost and so a-wai idea is to force a consistent set of parameters to overcome the problem (and I think it was also megi's take but done in the kernel).

There should be a global consensus to do that (store and restore parameters) in a convenient way. eg25manager should in no way be tied to phosh as there are other UIs around (and official pinephone ui will be based on kde), phosh should not be tied to eg25 since it is used with other modems Wink

From latest pine64 news, it seems there is a work in progress that should make the modem work reliably. Maybe they are waiting on that before going further (that's what I would do)

To force your settings "above" eg25manager, as you say, you need to run your script after ... don't know exactly how to do it, but I presume udev has some priority mecanism in the executions at wakeup, I would dig that way

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