eg25manager always turns on GPS when waking up from sleep

Yes, sure, recompile, but surely both IMS and GPS should be left alone, i.e. leave the modem as is? No doubt you agree, too.
And why should IMS be enabled by eg25manager? There should be a toggle in phosh. How many operators have VoLTE enabled?

Presumably you want GPS to stay on while you move around / have it on, even after the phone goes to sleep, no? Otherwise you turn GPS off. Should be a toggle in phosh like the Android location services toggle - presume that turns GPS on / off?! As it is the GPS is switched off as soon as the phone sleeps....

I understand the Privacy Location Services is simply supposed to control whether or not apps have access to location data, not technically whether the GPS is on or off. Hence missing GPS on / off toggle.

Annoying systemd system-sleep runs *before* eg25manager daemon - any idea how to overcome that? Other than modifying the code and recompiling my local version?

Thinking about the GPS a bit more, I presume there is no point in it being on when the phone is asleep as there is no buffer in the modem? Does it just return the GPS fix when queried at a given time? Not sure.
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